Water Heater Installation

Your Water Heater installation is an important service, specifically in earthquake areas, which requires a top rated Fresno Plumber like All Star Plumbing to install and inspect for efficient water heating.

Water Heater Installation

Water Heater Installation and Maintenance is Essential for Energy Efficient Water Heating

water heater installation

In California, water heaters come in a variety of types and forms making it confusing for you to choose which of the many water heaters sold in the market is best for you. For this, it is essential for you to get help from the expert. You may contact professional plumbing companies such as All Star Plumbing to give you a licensed Fresno plumber who can guide you in choosing the best water heater. Not only that, we will also help you with the installation. Improper installation of water heaters always lead to energy loses thus increasing your electric consumption by more than a fraction of the previous bill. Therefore asking an expert is not at all a bad idea.

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Our water heater installation services also include the following:

  • We deliver newly purchased water heaters at a distance of approximately 20 miles away from the store.
  • We replace existing residential electric, natural gas, or water heater in the same location
  • Disposing of the old water-heater
  • Wrapping water heater with insulating blanket
  • Testing to determine if water heater functions properly
  • Cleaning up the mess on the job site
water heater inspection

Always bear in mind that improper installation of a water heater can lead to lot of problems as well as endanger you and your family’s safety. This is why choosing a professional water heater installer such as All Star Plumbing is highly recommended to give you a top-drawer and licensed plumber in Madera, California. Our plumbers will not only install your water heaters, they will also have the ability to repair various types of water heaters including the latest tank-less water heaters.

Apart from proper installation, water heaters also need to be taken care of and maintained to keep it running properly. The maintenance procedure is our specialty; we follow strict guidelines in putting everything in place. To maintain the efficiency of your water heater, it is essential that a licensed plumber provides an annual clean-up and maintenance check. Don’t risk ruining something; simply call All Star Plumbing to assist you in your water heater maintenance needs. So don’t make a fuss on water heater repairs and maintenance, we will take care of that problem for you.

high efficiency water heater

When it is time for you to buy a new water heater, don’t forget to call or contact All Star Plumbing to ensure an efficient and inexpensive job well done. We will answer all questions baffling you, but most of all; we will make your water heater suit your home and family needs. Delivery, installation, and removal of your old and defective heater are computed as one. In certain cases, a second licensed Fresno Plumber is required, no additional fee will be collected. On top of that, we provide environmentally friendly and high efficiency water heaters, our water heater parts and services are all 100% guaranteed.

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