Leak Detection

All Star Plumbing Leak Detection services utilize the most advanced technology to pinpoint the exact location and provide non-invasive solutions.

Leak Detection

All Star Plumbing Leak Detection services utilize the most advanced technology to pinpoint the exact location and provide non-invasive solutions.

Leak Detection

Has your water bill gone up suddenly?

A sudden spikes in your water bill is a signal that you have a leak. Or perhaps water backup when you flush your toilet and a slow drain or probably a foul odor all over your house? If you are experiencing one or all of these manifestations, then most likely, you are having a water leak, gas leak or perhaps a waste leak. Leaks, when they go unnoticed could create some serious damage to your property down the road, whether it is your home or business establishments in Clovis, California. Detecting all sources of leakage as early as possible will save you the hassle, time, and money of going with a major repair. So don't wait for an emergency to arise, contact All Star Plumbing today; we are the solution to all your leak problems. We can provide you with a licensed plumber in Clovis, California to inspect your sewer and pipelines without digging your entire yard or pathways. After a thorough inspection and diagnosis, we will either fix damaged pipes causing the leakage or replace it all together.

Normally, leaks; be it water, gas or waste are difficult to find unless it is visible to the naked eye. Locating the source of these leaks can be the most complicated thing to do, if you are not a professional. Some people end up digging holes and paying for the expensive excavation and landscape restoration after. However, with All Star Plumbing Leak Detection services, you will get your money's worth in services. We never do "guess work" in finding the source of the leaks; instead, we use the most improved and advanced leak detection equipment together with our complete state-of-the art plumbing tools to find the exact location of the leak without digging. We combine all our plumbing techniques with the latest leak detection method to render quality and efficient service. For this, we are widely considered the experts in leak detection service right here in California.


  • Sudden increase in your water consumption bill
  • Dripping water
  • Water meter runs faster
  • Flooding on the floor or yard
  • Wet ceilings or walls


  • Foul fumes inside or around your house
  • Hearing an usual sound like hissing
  • Finding water or dust blown up
  • Bubbles popping up over a pond or puddles
  • Withered grass or vegetations near the main gas pipe


  • Foul odor emission
  • Flies swarming on your property

At All Star Plumbing, we take pride in our systematic and well-organized approach in locating leaks. We always identify and diagnose the root cause of the leakage and find the best solution to solve all of your leak problems. Moreover, our expert and highly trained plumbers and technicians have the ability to pinpoint the accurate location of the leaks using the latest plumbing technology gadgets. Our team uses non-invasive leak detection techniques in locating the source of the leak, as well as the latest condition of your pipes, water and gas system. Unlike our competitors, we always locate leaks in full plumbing gears for a speedy and effective leak location service.

While some of our competitors still use the traditional leak detection method. All Star Plumbing uses various high-end leak detection instruments for accuracy, faster job accomplishments, and most of all cost saving services. In addition, we provide various ranges of services throughout Clovis, California, which includes water, meter testing and calibrating, fire hydrant and valve servicing and most of all a 24/7 speedy emergency response.

Bear in mind that if you do not address your leakage problem immediately it will cause one major problem for you. Either it may affect the market value of your house, or it will lead to another serious pipeline damage that will cost you huge amount of money to replace damaged fixtures. On top of that, your health might be affected. If you think there are leaks beyond your capability to check, don't hesitate to call All Star Plumbing.

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