Faucet Installation

Faucet Installation, faucet repair, or faucet replacement can be more affordable than you think, so why not ask a trusted Fresno plumber like All Star Plumbing.

Faucet Installation

Faucet Replacement and Repair Save Time and Money


There is nothing more annoying than the endless sound of a leaking faucet in addition to the amount of wasted water. Despite the fact that this problem seems inevitable, it can be prevented or avoided considering that there are expert plumbers all over California to tell you how, and fix it right away in the event that is happens to one of your units. All Star Plumbing is a professional plumbing company in Fresno, California that can provide solutions to any of your plumbing problems. Our highly trained plumbers have the capacity to repair minor defects and major damages to your kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as leaking faucets and the most complicated garbage disposals defects.

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If your faucets start to drip, don't take it for granted as it may become a major problem to you and your family later on. Do not wait for an emergency to occur before you call us to fix your leaky faucet. All Star Plumbing offer speedy leaky faucet repair and replacement services to fix your problem, and avoid the worst case scenario. We will send you a licensed plumber in Fresno, California to diagnose and repair or replace your defective faucets, whether they are leaking, cracked or not working at all. In addition, we take pride in our excellent capacity to locate sewer and pipeline leaks without digging your entire yard.

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Considering that faucets come in various types and forms, some of these faucets are simply designed to suit a do-it-yourself installation and repairs. However, there are also faucets, which are more complex and they require the hands of an expert for installation and repair to keep them working properly. Whichever type of faucets you may have, it is essential for you to know that these faucets also need regular maintenance and servicing to avoid trouble and extend their life expectancy. In this manner, an All Star Plumber can be your solution; considering that apart from the installation, repair, and replacement of any kitchen and bathroom fixtures, we also offer service contracts. This service contract includes plumbing fixture and machine maintenance, where we offer services that include the installation, inspection, and maintenance of your kitchen and bathroom fixture such as faucets, water heaters, water filters, garbage disposals, etc.

With the use of our spontaneous, plumbing fixture services, we can find and diagnose plumbing issues like dripping faucets before it gets serious and create a major household problem that may cost a lot to repair or replace. Apart from the leaky faucet, installation, repair and replacement services, All Star Plumbing also provides flat rate plumbing services to ensure a cost effective service is offered to you. For you to know the exact cost to you, call us today for a free quote.

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Needless to say, a single drop of water from leaky faucets even in an hour is a lot of waste, not to mention the increasing amount of your water bill. The best thing you can do to stop it is to fix or replace it. However, if you do not have the capability or the knowledge to do the job, it would be better for you to call a handy man or a licensed plumber in Fresno, California if you are living in that vicinity. Never attempt to fix it yourself unless you have the idea how to do it, otherwise you will end up in disaster.

Fixing a faucet yourself is an expensive proposition, especially if your knowledge of plumbing and faucet mechanics is not at the level of a trained technician. The tools needed in repairing a faucet are expensive and sometimes hard to find. A screwdriver, penetrating oil, Slip-joint pliers, replacement washers, and adjustable wrench is just the start. If you end up making the problem worse, you more than likely damaged the faucet beyond repair.

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Moreover, All Star Plumbing offers online services; as much as we accept reservation scheduling by phone, we also accept service requests online. This is for the convenience of all, considering that majority of California residents now use the Internet. If you want to take advantage of our excellent plumbing services just contact All Star Plumbing.

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