Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspections are an easy way to avoid a disastrous sewer problem, we use the latest in sewer camera technology to accurately inspect your sewer at All Star Plumbing.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspections: A Solution for Every Sewer and Pipeline Problem

sewer camera inspections

Considering that sewers, drains, and pipelines are buried under the ground and covered with, concrete, asphalt, or dirt, finding leakage would be near impossible unless you dig your entire yard and pathways to locate the source of the leakage. However, these days with continuous advancement of technology, locating sewer and pipeline problems is no longer a vexation to Fresno, California residents. All they have to do is call a professional plumbing company like All Star Plumbing to provide them with a licensed Fresno Plumber to troubleshoot their problem.

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This plumber will no longer do the muscle-whacking dig on your yard; instead, he will just use the latest plumbing technology provided by the company to pinpoint the root cause of your plumbing problem. This method is known as Sewer Camera Inspection. It is the latest state of the art method, which allows the technician as well as the homeowners like you, to trace and pinpoint the cause of your erratic water bill and endless sewage backups or toilet slow drain.

sewer camera inspection

The sewer camera inspection works by using an elongated wire with the waterproof camera attached at the end of the wire. A viewing monitor is also attached to the camera for easy viewing and recording. This camera is inserted on either ends of the sewer pipe. With the image captured and recorded by the video camera, plumbing technicians and professional plumbers from All Star Plumbing can easily locate the exact spot of the leakage, or sewer cracks. Based on the images gathered, we could easily diagnose your sewer or pipeline problem, and give you a sound advice or recommendation whether you will have to repair or replace the damaged sewer or pipeline.

In comparison to its traditional and old model counterpart, this latest and advanced sewer inspection video cameras has the ability to determine all types of sewer problems such as an unaligned pipe joint, sewer cracks, pipe leakage, as well as the type of pipes you are using. With the increasing popularity of this latest sewer camera inspection, most household owners in Fresno detest the use of the traditional ways of locating sewer troubles and sewer repair services. We all simply prefer this latest sewer camera inspection since it does not cause any damage to your property, not to mention the short time needed to complete the job; thus, you can save a lot of money on excavation and the repair of the damaged landscape and pathways.

sewer inspection

Once sewer camera inspection is completed, technicians will make a report based on the result of their inspection. Usually our office will suggest that you use trenchless pipe replacement if and only if you will find it comfortable to use this type of pipe. This type of pipe does not require technicians or a licensed Fresno plumber to dig holes all over the place. Only small holes at the end of the sewer pipe are needed.

Whatever plumbing problems you have now, don't hesitate to contact All Star Plumbing for an immediate sewer camera inspection, the latest and the most efficient way of finding the root cause of your pipeline and sewer problem. We can send you a professional and licensed Fresno Plumber to diagnose your sewer and pipeline problem.

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